Inside Track – April 2019

This month’s topics are:

  • Recession or not a recession? That is April’s big economic question. Has there been too much gloom?
  • Extremely low interest rates tend to bid up the price of existing capital assets, particularly those with exciting narratives. Such is the case with tech IPOs.
  • There’s been outcry and polemics over Disney CEO’s salary last year that clocked in at a staggering 1,424 times higher than that of his median-paid employees.
  • No more beating about the bush: climate change is a risk like no other and it’s accelerating.
  • China is ahead in the infrastructure race for geopolitical and economic gains.
  • The unprecedented nature of the risk demands an unprecedented response. We will be required to ditch some of our most basic assumptions about what today constitutes ‘normal’ life (easy travel, overconsumption and the like), and climate rebellion will come in different guises.
  • The main economic consequences of accelerating climate change are dramatic and fairly binary.

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