Inside Track – February 2019

This month’s topics are:

  • The global economy continues to head downwards while the financial markets are enjoying a spectacular recovery.
  • In the coming years, the fallout from this clash for tech supremacy of the two giants will define much of the world’s economic and geopolitical landscape, hitting (or favouring) companies’ valuations in the process.
  • The world is sleepwalking into a whirlwind of risks at the nexus of accelerating global warming / extreme weather events and growing geopolitical turmoil.
  • The shrinking middle class is another fundamental trend in terms of economic and political outlook. For the first time in generations (in the Western world), an increasing number of people risk slipping down the socio-economic ladder rather than moving up it.
  • The global and multi-faceted scandal engulfing the Roman Catholic Church is occurring in the wake of the #MeToo phenomenon (which, in the US alone, has brought down more than 200 powerful men since Oct. 2017), and is part of the much broader picture of male-dominated organisations now falling foul of their own shortcomings.A storm of regulations and much higher taxes for the wealthiest individuals will eventually come because even radical proposals like Ocasio-Cortez plan for a 70% tax rate on incomes over $10m do well in the polls.

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