Inside Track – January 2018

This month’s topics:

  • 2018 begins with a marked dissonance between improving economics and deteriorating politics – the greatest risk to the global economy.
  • It is in trade that US retrenchment is most visible. Several comments recently made by US officials raise concerns about rising protectionism.
  • The “global rules – based order” (often a metaphor for US domination) is crumbling.
  • Davos has settled the debate between techno-optimists versus techno-pessimists and how the 4th industrial revolution will impact our lives.
  • Big tech has every reason to be concerned about the coming regulatory and taxation backlash. Nowadays, there is nobody to defend the Faangs, accused of stifling innovation, promoting state surveillance, impacting our mental health, destroying jobs, supporting authoritarianism, encouraging abuse and pornography. The list is long and consequential…
  • With a global elite now so preoccupied by inequality and the dangers that come with it, corporate social activism is about to rise decisively – bringing far-reaching negative implications for companies that do not behave and conform as ‘good citizens’.
  • In 2018, the overwhelming presence of men in the upper echelons of business and gender pay divergence will become an increasingly sensitive issue, negatively impacting companies that do not walk the talk in terms of diversity and pay policy.

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