Inside Track – January 2019

This month’s topics are:

  • Global economic data continues to weaken, with contractionary forces taking hold around the world.
  • If just one word were to capture the mood in Davos, it would be gloom. Disenchantment and nervousness were pervasive at this year’s gathering.
  • The business leaders and investors assembled in Davos know that the days of the incumbent form of capitalism are numbered. Most realise that they ignore the common good at their peril. What does this mean for investors?
  • Brexit is not a one-off to be done and dusted, but rather an on-going process that will drag down the UK economy and exhaust its politics for years to come.
  • As epitomized by the Huawei saga, the growing rivalry between China and the US (now enlarging to the West) is exerting a negative impact on many businesses’ bottom line, and will increasingly do so.
  • In “Surveillance Capitalism”, Shoshana Zuboff makes the case that customers are being reinvented as data sources. This produces anti-democratic asymmetries of knowledge that in turn transform our economies and societies. Her argument will gain traction in 2019, exacerbating the tech backlash, and putting the issue of privacy firmly at the core of new laws, regulation and collective action.
  • We see two reasons for cautious optimism that are rarely mentioned….

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