Inside Track – May 2019

This month’s topics are:

  • The trade war is merely the opening act in an on-going struggle between the US and China for global prominence.
  • What is the commonality between this month’s elections in India, the EU, the Philippines and even Australia? And between these elections and other recent ones like in Brazil and Israel?
  • In Europe, the growing appeal of populism noted above does not mean that its progression is relentless and inevitable.
  • The defenestration of Theresa May by her fellow Tories will lead to either a second referendum or a general election.
  • The landmark UN report on biodiversity comes to the sobering conclusion that the decline in biodiversity is such that “it is eroding the foundations of our economies, livelihoods, food security, health and quality of life worldwide”.
  • Ageing – the most potent and enduring global trend – lies behind much of what is going on in economics and our societies.
  • What does the share performance of Uber and Beyond Meat’s on their first day of trading (respectively -7% and +163%) tell us about tomorrow’s investment world?

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