Inside Track – November 2018

This month’s topics are:

  • Global economic data continues to soften. The next few months will be characterised by a synchronised slowdown – the exact opposite of the synchronised upswing that occurred during most of last year.
  • The draft agreement on Brexit has been approved by the EU but has yet to overcome its biggest hurdle.
  • This National Climate Assessment – prepared by 13 US federal agencies – warns that the impact of global warming on the US far outpaces previous projections.
  • In most rich countries, the 85-94 old age bracket is the fastest-growing segment of the population. Investing in the plethora of sectors related to longevity will become an even more compelling theme.
  • Increasingly, geopolitical rivalries will affect companies’ value and share price.
  • Money, not ignorance, lies behind denial about climate change.
  • A Chinese scientist’s claim that he genetically engineered two HIV resistant babies has provoked outrage among regulators, medical experts and ethicists.
  • Tech AI companies are selling recruitment technology to both large employers and individuals (to choose a babysitter for example) that assesses candidates not only on their online history but also on an analysis of their voice tone and facial movements to detect “bad attitudes”.

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