Inside Track – September 2018

This month’s topics are:

  • This month marked the 10th anniversary of the Great financial crisis. What is its legacy?
  • The trade war between the US and China is escalating and will endure.
  • In the US and the UK – two countries at quasi-full employment – real wages are finally picking up.
  • There are increasing fears that Brexit will see the UK disappear into a black hole.
  • After manufacturing, it’s services: there is now ample evidence that the low-wage portion of the service economy is about to be displaced by technology.
  • For a totally different perspective on AI and a narrative at the other end of the spectrum, look no further than Japan. There, like in most of Asia, robots are seen as an opportunity, not a threat.
  • Governments will progressively conclude that they must impose hard caps on resource use to avert an ecological catastrophe.
  • Any profitable business perceived as minimizing ecologically bad outcomes, while maximising socially good ones, will prosper.
  • The President of Armenia, Armen Sarkissian, made the point that politics has become quantum.

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