Every one of our client’s stories is unique. They are entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, family business and brand leaders in energy and power, infrastructure, ICT, Pharma, technology, fashion, retail, media, and more.

Many are at different stages of life and have different lifestyles, needs and ambitions. However, the vast majority are looking to preserve, diversify, and grow their wealth — often from one generation to the next.

At the beginning of our engagement we take good time to sit down face-to-face, to help uncover your story. Above all we ask, ‘What is it you wish to achieve with your wealth?’

Common goals, continual care

We have a holistic, long-term approach to wealth management. This accommodates your story: your personal investment horizon, risk preferences, family situation and how actively you wish to be involved in decision-making.

Combining your story with our own views and intelligence, we can then provide a tailored wealth management solution — from discretionary portfolio management through to supporting your wealth management decision-making with fresh insights, to succession planning and more.

Once on board, our journey together has only just begun. With regular face-to-face meetings, detailed reporting, our Quarterly Investment Views and more, we provide continual care throughout our lifetime relationship.